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WNB Cricket Association all set for 2024 Season

Updated: Apr 29

Regional Cricket Manager Mr. Nathan Henry

The West New Britain Cricket Association (WNB CA) is now all set for the 2024 season, as they held their selection trials last weekend (Saturday, January 13th, 2024) and have selected 13 players to represent Kimbe, WNB CA in the Northern Cup in Madang Province.


The Northern Cup is not the only tournament that WNB CA is looking forward to; there are other tournaments organized by Cricket PNG for the national 2024 season as well.


In the meantime, two more players need to be selected to complete the 15-man squad during this weekend's games at Kimbe Secondary School Oval in Kimbe, West New Britain.


When commenting about the development of cricket in the province, Regional Cricket Manager Mr. Nathan Henry said that the code was growing, but there were still gaps that needed to be filled.


"In the development of cricket, it is growing, but there are gaps in cricket in WNB that needs to be filled. The Federation, CPNG, is doing everything to fix those gaps and create a great pathway for WNB cricket," stated Regional Manager Mr. Nathan Henry.


Meanwhile, the two teams that competed last weekend were Team Yellow and Team White Angels. According to WNB CA representative Andrew Henry, the Yellows put on a strong performance and were all out for 102 runs, being the first to bat after winning the toss in a 20-over game.


The top scorers for Team Yellows were Nathan Henry with 30 runs, Donnelly Wangipari with 14 runs, and Cyril Kumasi with 11 runs. The best bowlers were Gordon Meth with 2 wickets in 2 overs and a best of 1/4, Ryan Yanga with 2 wickets in 2 overs and a best of 2/1, and Donnelly Wangipari with 1 wicket in 2 overs and a best of 1/2.


Team White Angels batted but fell short, being all out for 63 runs. Despite the good performances from the Angel’s top batters, such as Romley Kauyola with 25 runs, Aloisius Nani and Abraham Kauyola with 10 runs each, the Yellows still won in the end.


The best bowlers for the Angels were Manuel Wende with 3 wickets in 3.2 overs and a best of 2/2, Abraham Kauyola with 2 wickets in 3 overs and a best of 2/0, and Bjorn Wagai with 2 wickets in 3 overs and a best of 2/6.


Team Yellows won the game by 39 runs.


The 13 players selected are:

1. Romley Kauyola

2. Koani Seri

3. Nathan Henry

4. Cyril Kumasi

5. Junior Demas

6. Aloysius Nani

7. Abraham Kauyola

8. Jinga Waloloki

9. Donnelly Wangipari

10. Manuel Wende

11. Chris Henry

12. Bjorn Wagai

13. Gordon Meth


The five players included in the training to compete for the last two spots this weekend are:

1. Augere Waloloki

2. Klampi Ingelu

3. Allen Prangili

4. Elizah Mapango

5. Johnthan


This weekend's game will see the selected players take on the Indian side of Kimbe tomorrow.


"The game between the Indian side of Kimbe will be played this Saturday, January 20th, 2024, at Kimbe Secondary Oval at 2pm. A big thank you to RCM Mr. Nathan Henry and his officers," stated WNB CA representative Mr. Andrew Henry.

Source and photo credit: Andrew Henry 

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