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Kautu Academy kicks off Rugby Clinic

Updated: Jun 20

The Jonah Kautu Academy has successfully kicked off its first Pikinini Rugby Union Clinic to teach the children and youths at the ages of 7-23 the basics and fundamentals of rugby and sports for the general public on Saturday, June 15th, 2024, at the John Guise Stadium.  

Jonah Kautu, the founder of the academy, explained that the clinic would go on for ten weeks and in three different clusters. The program is structured to be a long-term program and Mr. Kautu explained that they would run the first cluster for three months, then go for a month break for review and then return for the next cluster. 

Mr. Kautu went on to explain that one of the basic developments of sports at a young age was vital to build winners in the future.

“Jonah Kautu Academy is focused on building the basics of sports. We are lagging behind other countries in sports because we lack training in development stages, hence, the JK academy will cater for the development stage. My approach is to fix the development stage,” Kautu said.

“I target youths and children between the ages of 7-23. I will be going around clubs with the under 19s and under 23s, which are the B Grades. Also, we will be going to certain schools that I have already affiliated with.”

Mr. Kautu said the academy was progressing well and the interest for the program had picked up well.

Moreover, he adds that at this stage he is running the program all on his own and hopes to bring sponsors in the future t ensure their sustainability.

“I’m just Hoping support will come from cooperate houses or individuals to support the cause. My interest is genuine as I want to see sports grow in PNG”. He stated.

During the clinic run, the brothers taught children the basics of kicking, passing and ran some drills. After the drills, the kids were taught the importance of education and Respect.

The Academy is open to the public for free and Mr Kautu urged the kids to bring in their friends along for their next sessions.

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