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POM Men's Softball Competition in Game 6

Updated: May 24

The Port Moresby Men's Softball Association (POMSA) is in round 1 of its 2024 season competition, with six matches held at Bisini Softball Diamonds on Sunday, May 19, 2024.


POMSA Games Coordinator, Constantine Bais, stated that they had four more games to play before heading into round 2.


Mr. Bais mentioned that the competition had been running smoothly for the association, with games consistently improving in quality.


He also shared that the matches had been highly competitive and provided an update on the current standings after round 5.


In the A Grade, Gazelle remains undefeated and sits in first place, followed by Bears, United Brothers, Brown Eagles, Eastern Aces, Pawa, Kikila Cats, Defence, Stingerz, and Saints in the tenth position.


The B Grade is led by Eastern Aces, Brown Eagles, Gazelle, Bears, Defence, Pawa, Kikila Cats, United Brothers, Stingerz, and Saints at the bottom of the ladder.


Bais mentioned that Aviation Jets had withdrawn from the competition, bringing the number of teams in each division back to 10.


The 10 teams in each division will vie for the championship titles in their respective grades of A and B.


Bais noted that the playoffs and grand finals for the two divisions would be played in August and September this year.

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