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Nancy Kamara Cup Returns

Updated: Apr 30

The Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association (PMWSA) has resumed the Nancy Kamara Cup on Saturday 21st October, 2023 at Bisini in Port Moresby, after the competition was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

PMWSA is a pre-season competition held annually to raise funds and make awareness on cancer. Eight teams are participating in the competition, which are then divided into two pools of four teams each.

It is a two-week competition, and the games are played in round-robin to speed up the competition in anticipation for the season proper, which will commence next month.

The Vice President of PMWSA, Carol Apelis said the 8 teams are working extra hard to vie for the title, preparing themselves leading up to the finals.

“After a few years, we are resuming the competition. This is the 2023-2024 pre-season Nancy Kamara Cup. We usually have it during this time to also raise awareness for cancer. We are trying to get the teams to compete hard and enjoy themselves,” Vice President Apelis stated.

The finals will be played this Saturday, October 28, at the Bisini Softball Diamonds.

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