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Kickboxing prepares for World Championships

Updated: Apr 27

The PNG Kickboxing Federation (PNG KBF) is gearing up for the World Championship scheduled for November, 2024, in Spain. PNG KBF is currently organizing regional championships to select a kickboxing train on squads for the upcoming bout.


PNGKBF President, Stanley Nandex, stated that their main focus is on assembling a strong team for the upcoming event.


President Nandex mentioned that they are currently making progress towards the championship. He noted that coordinators have been organising tournaments at the club level,

"The key is to select them early so they can make necessary preparations in terms of travel documents and securing sponsorships,” President Stanley Nandex stated.

Furthermore, he shared that the Southern Region Championships took place at Bomana on Sunday, March 3rd, and they are now preparing to host the Highlands Region Championships in April. The New Guinea Islands and Momase Championships are set to be held in May in Lae.


Nandex also highlighted the importance of these events, emphasising on the team selection processes and requirements.


"All winners from each region will compete in the national championships in July. Our goal is to bring the team together for training and bonding as a unit. We will then be seeking sponsors, especially since fighters will be representing their provinces,” said Nandex.


More so, he added that many of those fighters are youths from disadvantaged backgrounds, so providing them with this opportunity is significant.


“With support and investment, we can create role models who may become leaders in their communities,” he said.


He also highlighted the impact of sports in society, stating that kickboxing is one of them which has a global reach of over 150 countries.


He expressed the significance of Papua New Guinea's participation in the World Championship, and stressed the importance of starting small and gradually progressing through club, provincial, regional, and national tournaments.


"We have already completed three major events - Local, Provincial, and Regional. The National Championships will showcase the best of the best,” he said.


Nandex emphasised the rigorous training required for individual sports like kickboxing saying; "Fighters will undergo intensive physical, mental, and spiritual training to ensure they are at their peak performance level.”


Nandex concluded by stating that keeping all the kickboxers in one place for at least 4-5 months would be ideal for their preparation.


In the meantime, PNGKBF prepares for the upcoming regional tournaments and national championships to finalise the squad for the 2024 Spain Championship.

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