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Bears emerge victorious in Women's Softball Decider

Updated: Apr 27

The Bears A-Grade team proved to be in a class of their own as they defeated the Saints with a 13-1 win in the Women's Softball Competition Grand Final on Saturday, March 9th, 2024, at Bisini Diamonds in Port Moresby.


Although the Bears outfit emerged victorious, they had a slow start in the first and second innings of the game.


Bears captain, Francisca Kinit acknowledged the errors made in the first and second innings.


"We were focused on hitting and getting on base but unfortunately, it didn't work out," said captain Kinit.


"After the third inning, we adjusted our game plan and transitioned to slapping and punching."


This strategic adjustment allowed the Bears to score runs and ultimately secure the win. The performance displayed by the team was impressive.


"In the field, our pitcher and catcher held their positions, while all the infielders supported the pitcher and played out, focusing on one batter at a time," explained Kinit.


The victory was not surprising, as the Bears have been dominant throughout the season. The team, composed of both young and experienced players, was led by seniors such as Nadia Bais, Francine Malum, Carol Apelis, and Lisa Polum.


"With the support of senior players, some of whom are mothers who have been with the team since they were young, we were able to achieve this victory," Kinit added.


"We encourage the younger players to continue to be part of the team, as they are the future of softball.”


The young guns in Rosie Apelis, Francisca Kinit, Eunice Fong, Marygold Bebeto, Avalon Uware were great with the boost from seniors.


“Softball is a family game so the team (Bears) is made up of family members,” Kinit said.

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