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Youth Tournament increases anticipation for season proper

The National Capital District Football Association (NCDFA) Youth Tournament has intensified over the last three days (Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th) following a huge turnout of the annual tournament. The games were played at the PNG Football Stadium in Port Moresby. 

The Youth Tournament serves as the pre-season event that allows teams to work on their fitness level and prepare them for the upcoming season proper.

John Forova, NCDFA Coordinator, said the turnout of teams was excellent; many teams attended and played their matches.


Mr. Forova mentioned that the association faced hiccups due to the UPNG's Graduation ceremony, as many teams did not show up for their games in the past two days (Thursday and Friday) but the participation increased on Saturday.


NCDFA President, Vonnie Kapi Natto, was pleased to see the number of teams showing interest to take part in the annual Youth Tournament.


 “It's exciting because the interest is beyond our expectations. I never thought that after so many years, I would attract so many youths,” said President Natto.


“Next week (Saturday, May 4, 2024) will be our finals, and that ends our youth tournament and the following week will be our proper season. I am excited and looking forward to the upcoming season.”


She also added that the association had all the youth divisions because she has seen many talents in juniors and is passionate to provide the opportunity for them.


“I really want to provide a pathway in sports for juniors. I am working on the under 12 division. Currently, we have the under 15s, 17s, 19s, and 23s. Our under 12s are joining this season,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Natto noted they will also run the Senior Tournament for the U23, senior men’s and women’s divisions in the round two of the Youth Tournament’s season proper.

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