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Youth boxers are in desperate need of funding

A team of boxers scheduled to compete in the Oceania Youth & Junior Boxing Championships this Saturday will be shattered if the funds aren't received in time. The team desperately needs the funds to cover the cost of travel and accommodation for the competition. Without it, the young athletes will be unable to fulfill their dream of competing in the championships.

The Oceania Youth & Junior Boxing Championships start on the 22nd of this month which is exactly 5 days from now. Unfortunately, they haven’t received positive feedback from their proposed sponsorship appeal yet and the time is against them now.

According to a press statement released by PNG BU, the President Dr. Gideon Kendino stated that although sponsorship proposals have been sent to a number of corporate firms and individuals for support the responses have been quite disappointing.

“We have a situation whereby sponsors who would usually consider our proposals don’t seem to be interested in how we would like to partner with them to leverage their profiles or products”, stated President Kendino.

“I don’t understand why, but when it comes to professional boxing events, the amount of sponsorship support is tremendous where you have very prominent corporate firms aligned to these events” said Kendino.

“Sponsors need to understand that good quality professional boxers come from the amateur ranks, like what we (PNGBU) are working hard on developing,” he said.

Amateur boxers have the opportunity to hone their craft and develop the skills needed to be successful in the professional ring. This is why it is important for sponsors to invest in the development of amateur boxers, as it can provide a valuable return on investment in the future.

“We are the nursery and these three boxers are the future of boxing in PNG. They will be of higher quality when they eventually turn professional so sponsors need to balance their support for aspiring boxers as well,” he added.

He believes that amateur boxing development in the country will benefit the whole sport. It will lead to more qualified professional boxers in the future. Amateur boxing also provides a platform for boxers to hone their skills and gain experience.

The youngsters who will travel are Nelson Eko, Leslie Fauma, among others and a 17-year-old female boxer.

Seventeen-year-old boxer Sophie Willie will be among the youth travelling to Samoa.

The young Central lass’s dream of becoming a PNG representative on the international stage could just be a dream if PNG Boxing Union doesn’t quickly come up with the necessary funds to send a seven-team contingent to the Youth and Junior Championships.

Sophie’s mother, who dedicated her time to selling betelnuts to support her daughter’s boxing dream, just wants to see her daughter representing Papua New Guinea.

“I want my daughter to represent Papua New Guinea,” stated Sophie’s mother.

That dream is now hanging heavily on a "kind Samaritan” to rescue it.

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