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World Rugby educates PNG Rugby Union Coaches and Referees

The World Rugby Educators are running a Level 2 Rugby Union Coaching Program (L2RUCP) at the Sir John Guise Stadium. The program started on Monday the 25th and will end on Friday, 28th of July, 2023.

The L2RUP falls under the Pacific Sports Program (PSP). The program is a fantastic initiative that aims to upskill coaches and referees in the code of rugby union.

L2RUP is facilitated by the Australian Defence Force, through the Australian Government funding. Working in collaboration with Australia Rugby and PNG Rugby, the partners work to deliver the program to improve rugby union in PNG.

“What we are doing is following the World Rugby Curriculum to get the players and coaches to the competency level so that they can be heard and seen at the World Rugby level,” said World Rugby Educator Chris Miles.

The L2RUP sessions are divided into three parts to make learning flexible for the coaches and referees. Part A focuses on teaching them the competencies, taking them through the knowledge of what is required in the elements of rugby union. That is known as ‘coaching spine’.

“Once we have shown them those elements and skills, we give the coaches the maximum opportunity to practice the skills so they get used to delivering it and they understand how to deal with the high level of competencies,” Miles explained in Part B.

“Part C of it is the most important part, as we have fun along the way. We build the family of rugby. We have enjoyment and everyone comes back here with high competencies in rugby union, which grows the game globally,” Miles added.

The L2RUP provides opportunities for PNG referees and coaches. The sessions undergone will enable them to be knowledgeable about the aspect of the game, enlightening their professional pathways into world-class rugby union.

After the session is completed, the referees will be issued a Level 1 Certificate and the coaches a Level 2 Certificate. The certificates will guarantee them recognition, providing professional pathways into world-class coaching and refereeing.

Before the issue of the certificates, the coaches and referees will be required to return to their clubs and make their diaries. Then they will send their diaries to the World Rugby Educators for screening purposes. After the screening process, the educators will then issue the certificates to the coaches and referees.

With this coaching program, the Rugby Union in Papua New Guinea expects a boost after the 4-day event concludes. The program covers five sports: Rugby Union; Rugby League; Australian Football League; Basketball; and Netball.

The program has been carried out by World Rugby in the Oceania Region - Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Australia.

“We have been here in Port Moresby for the last two days. We got two more days to go. The smiles and happiness on their faces truly warms my heart. We had second rows and backs learning how to transition to prop, which is brilliant. That is the joy of rugby. We teach the skills and competencies, but we have fun and bring families together,” educator Chris Miles concluded.

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