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World Olympic Day On the MOVE

On the 23rd of June, athletes from different sports in Port Moresby Centers gathered at Ela Beach to celebrate World Olympics day. They joined thousands of athletes around the world to celebrate

sports, health and being together.

Olympic staff encouraged athletes to at least help youth or adults who haven't been moving much to at least move or exercise. To use their platform and identity as a sportsperson to promote movement and physical activity among their family and friends.

The activity was led by PNG Olympic Committee, and saw participants like Ryan Pini and other

national representatives.

The activities of the day included a 30-minute workout, used to warm up, and playing different fun


The theme for this year Olympics day was ‘Let’s Move’ which aimed to inspire everyone to make time for daily activities. It was found that over 80% of the youth and population do not spend time exercising. This was a day that started a movement to encourage physical activity.

The movement expects adults to dedicate 30 minutes to physical activity each day.

The President of the Olympic committee, Sir John Dawanicura was glad the staff and management showed up and did a good job organizing the event.

“The staff, management of the Olympic committee are here as per their work commitment but it is a pleasure to see them show up".

Meanwhile Olympic Committee Secretary General Ms Auvita Rapilla stressed on the importance of physical activity.

“One in four adults have not done any physical and do not move about as much as is required to

reach optimum health. Therefore, this might motivate athletes to use their platforms to help create movement".

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