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WNB Athletics ready for Junior National Athletics Champions in POM

The West New Britain (WNB) Athletics Association is set for the 2023 PNG Air Juniors National Athletics Championship (JNAC) on the 27th- 29th of June after completing ten championships locally, regionally and nationally.

After having successfully runned events, the association has selected forty local athletics champions to travel to Port Moresby for the JNAC. There are ten runners for the four age divisions that include both distance runners and sprinters. Five boys and five girls make up each of these divisions: under-14, under-16, under-18, and under-20. In addition, a male and female coach have been appointed to assist with the championship.

The WNB athletics team manager, Philip Kanau, stated that the team has begun training sessions and trail competitions this month. The last trail competition was held last Saturday.

"For this month, we are keeping up with our training sessions and trail competitions on-going to keep up the runners' time records and field events".

Mr Kanua expressed a lot of faith and confidence in his team to return home with medals.

“My team is young, vibrant, and fresh. "We are looking forward to winning gold for the WNBP in the upcoming national championship," says Mr. Kanau.

He also added that his team is steadily preparing for the coming national championship.

“We are now working on airfares, accommodation, meals, uniforms and identification cards. Each athlete must have a signed consent form from their guardians or parents. They must also pass medical testing, and have a full understanding of travel guidelines and camping rules. This is to ensure discipline of the athletes.” Mr. Kanau stated.

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