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US pro Surfers arrives in PNG

Professional surfer, traveler, filmmaker and environmentalist Alison Teal has arrived from Hawaii, America ahead of her two team members; Kellen Lovell and Maluhia Kinimaka, a Hawaiian indigenous surfer to participate in surfing workshops based on gender-based violence through sports via surfing.

Surfing Association PNG President Andrew Abel said, “It’s part of the documentary ‘The Pink Nose Revolution” addressing Gender-Based Violence through Sports”.

The event is co-hosted by Surfing Association PNG Inc, US Embassy Sports Envoy Program and a working relation between Tourism Promotion Authority as part of promoting tourism in Papua New Guinea.

Surfing Association PNG Inc. is an advocate for Gender Based Violence which features in one of the documentary called‘The Pink Nose Revolution” which will be the main focus for these visiting surfers to document.

Meanwhile, Alison Teal said that she is excited to be in PNG even though she was born and raised in Indonesia, this is her first visit to PNG.

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