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Underdogs claim Premiership

The University of Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (UPNGRFL) Competition Grand Final match saw the UPNG-NML Drugons edge out the OC Veari United with a 10-6 victory at the crowded VC Oval on Sunday, 1st October.

The match kicked off at a high intensity as the Drugons gave the opening kick, and Veari forwards came charging, sending the crowd wild. The wrestle for strength continued as both teams displayed great defense and attack tactics throughout the first half, with neither side coming up with any try.

Right on the signal of half-time, Drugons Jonathan Korul, made use of the final play as he bulldozed his way through a wall of defenders, sliding and wrestling his way to touch down the first try near the edge, putting the halftime score at 6-0.

The OC United swung the momentum in the second half, after twenty minutes into the game, Veari took a try on the left wing and after a successful conversion, they tied the scores with their rival.

With only a few seconds remaining before the fulltime, Drugons played the same winning card as in the first half and scored another try, closing the game with a 10-6 score.

Drugons had a surreal season this year, rising as the underdogs, and silently fought their way into the finals. The Drugons-outfit astonished everyone when they made it into the preliminary match, and later became the first team to qualify for the grand final. Now they return to their dungeon with the Premiership.

The OC United were no strangers in the UPNGRFL arena after making the grand final for three consecutive years. They also had a stellar season, having been in the top four throughout the 2023 season. They bowed out in the last dance of the year, feeling content for having qualified for three years and that was the win for them, as stated by Veari Captain Steven Jack in an earlier interview.

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