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Tru Warrior Fighters gear up for Sydney Bout

In preparation for their upcoming professional bout in Sydney, the Tru Warrior Fighters have intensified their training drills and sessions over the past couple of weeks.

With only three weeks remaining before the fight, their focus is now on strength and conditioning, with an emphasis on building stamina.

The Tru Warrior Boxing Club has four elite fighters who will be traveling to Sydney, Australia, to participate in the professional fight next month.

Two of them are professionals, Simon Aihi and Napoleon Susu, while the other two, Hazel Lane and Tasi Gafa, are amateurs.

Aihi and Susu will be fighting in the 66kg and 81kg divisions, respectively. Lane and Gafa will be making their debut in the professional fight, competing in the 69kg and 60kg divisions.

Coach and Team Manager Tala Kami said the preparations have been good and the fighters were looking forward to the bout.

“The preparation has been good so far. We are three weeks away from our first fights, so we are increasing the intensity, making it more specific to what we are going to experience in the ring,” Kami said.

“Everything is going well. The fighters have been working really hard, listening to instructions, and getting the basics right.

“Everybody is excited and looking forward to giving their best in the ring.”

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