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Touch Footy Squad intensifies training to defend title

The Pacific Men's Touch Footy Champions, Team PNG, have been holding rigorous training sessions at the vicinity of Sir John Guise Stadium over three months in preparation for the Pacific Games, which will be hosted from November 19 to December 2 in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

With three weeks to go before the tournament kicks off, the coaching staff and trainers have increased the pace of the training sessions to keep the players fit and ready for the Pacific Games.

PNG Open Men’s coach, Paul Kasisie said training preparations have been good so far. The players are giving their best to prepare themselves for the tourney.

“Preparation is good. We are working on our structures and strategies. We are trying to get them right and fine tune, and work on where we should improve,” coach Kasisie said.

They have a large training contingent of more than 50 athletes, but the numbers have been cut down over the last few months and now remained at 20 men-squad.

“We had a large number, but we have reduced it over the last few months. We are now with 20 players. 14 players will be the final squad and 6 will be non-traveling reserves.

“We are looking forward to the Pacific Games. It is going to be a tough task to retain the 3 golds, but we are looking good and we are sure that we can defend it.”

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