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Updated: Apr 29

Master Jamuga Stone, who will be the first PNG International Martial Arts Actor, to embark on a Film and Martial Arts Tour to India and Thailand in April, 2024.

Master Stone says the PNG FILM INDUSTRY is a sleeping giant. He believes the Black Python Movie will be a catalyst to awaken the sleeping giant.

With the Black Python Movie as his reference, he will take this tour to educate himself on how action films actors collaborate in successfully shooting movies and writing good film scripts for international blockbusters.

He will also train with some of India's top martial arts action film actors in Mumbai, the Capital of Bollywood.

Master Stone hopes that his visit to the MUMBAI FILM ACADEMY in Mumbai City will give him ideas on how to direct and produce movies successfully. This is a chance for him to see how film scripts are written and implemented when shooting the films.

On completion of the Indian tour, he will head to Bangkok, Thailand, to meet up with his original Grandmaster, Robert Fitton, an Australian now based and trains in Thailand.

He has been invited as a small circle of foreigners to undergo special Muay Thai martial arts training in a secret location in Thailand by World Champion and Thailand movie actor, Arjen Buakaw. They will then discuss a movie plot in Thailand.

Master Stone plans not only to promote his film, but he wants to use this opportunity to market PNG to the world, in terms of business, tourism, etc.

"In all my movements in India and Thailand, I will do my best to promote our great and beautiful country to these countries as a tourism, business and sports tourism destinations," he said.

"Promoting PNG as the last frontier - beautiful and virgin jungles, forests, clean clear creeks and rivers.

"Clean grey and white sandy beaches and clean blue ocean waters, and our diverse cultures and traditions. PNG has great locations for film shooting."

He hopes his tour will influence the international film companies to come to PNG and explore our country for film shooting in the near future.


Master Stone now seeks sponsorships from the National Government, NCD and other organisations to fund his trip.

Meanwhile, he will embark on doing a major fundraiser the 3,000 board breaking feat. He is appealing to potential sponsors and general public to sponsor a timber board for K30 per board per breaking. Start  sponsoring  in January and the Boards Breaking Feat will be on the 24th March . Check all details on his Facebook page.

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