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Sparrows upbeat to defend title

The Credit Corporation Sparrows 1 is a Premier Women’s Netball Team participating in the Port Moresby Netball Association (POMNA) competition. CC Sparrows made their presence known when they defeated Veupunama 1, 47-38 in a Major Semi-final clash on Saturday (26th August) at the Rita Flynn Outdoor Courts in Port Moresby.

It was an entertaining match, as both teams brought their A-Game and fought hard to stamp their authority. The first quarter saw both sides tying at 11 points apiece. Sparrows picked up the pace and momentum in the second quarter, maintained it through the final quarter, and sealed the deal.

CC Sparrows, the reigning Champions of last year’s Grand Final, have booked a grand final spot, but the hope of defending their title still remains the main focus.

The team sustained its winning record, which was kept clean in the previous years. In last year’s decider, they beat Aroma Coast 1 and claimed the POMNA championship.

“Getting into the grand final is not new to us. We have been in the top two and we have made it to the grand finals over the last few years,” said Sparrows Coach, Ms. Julienn Leka.

Ms. Leka said they have tasted grand finals before. However, the competition gets tougher every year. Therefore, she said they would not underestimate any team and hope to reclaim their title.

They defeated many teams throughout the season. This levels up their determination and confidence, as they look forward to taking whoever steps into the court to battle for the big title.

Coach Leka said the team’s strength lies with their defense. The defensive performance displayed by the players has given their opponents a nightmare.

Also, the Sparrows had some of the best players who were influential in the team’s success. Goal-Attack (GA), Lesieli Taiviri, and Goal Shooter (GS) Mary Leka were outstanding for their highest goals-shooting average, while Goal Defence (GD) Shannaz Apelis and Center (C) Jackie Lahari, performed remarkably in keeping the team’s defensive structure in line. The team's strategic performance was good.

The Sparrows will have a week’s break. This will give the players ample time to rest and recover from minor injuries. While doing so, they will also work on correcting minor errors and focusing on training to keep the team‘s spirit alive while devising strategic plans to keep the energy intact. They are looking forward to retaining the coveted title of the 2023 POMNA Championship.

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