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SP Sports Awards Nominations launched

The nominations for the 32nd SP Sports Awards of year 2024 was officially launched on Thursday, February 29th, at Sir John Guise Stadium Conference Room in Port Moresby. The nomination opened on February 29th and it will close on Friday, April 19th, 2024.

The SP Sports Awards was first introduced to PNG in 1992 to recognize sporting excellence of sports men and women, sports teams, team officials and delegates. It has run smoothly for thirty-two years, recognizing these amazing people involved in sports.

The theme for the 32nd SP Sports Awards in 2024 is: “Discipline starts with You.” This statement was derived from a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was a lawyer, who led his country to independence from British colonial rule in 1947.

“There will have to be rigid and iron discipline before we achieve anything great and enduring that discipline will not come by mere academic argument and appeal to reason and logic. Discipline is learned and it starts with you.”

The quote by Ghandi acknowledges that self-discipline is an individual’s responsibility. One must embody or carry that adage everywhere they go – whether on field or off the field.

This year’s theme personifies the significance of what it truly means to become good sports men and women. It expresses the profound impact that discipline could have on individual athletes, including the sporting community.

SP Brewery Corporate Affairs Manager, John Nilkare, shared a few remarks and officially launched the nominations for the 32nd SP Sports Awards.

“The increase of violence in sports by players and spectators can spoil a pleasant family outing and detract from the essence of the competition,” Nilkare said.

“Sixty percent of last year’s nominations were submitted online and so; we anticipate the number to increase this year.”

Meanwhile, the 32nd SP Sports Awards of the year 2024 will be hosted on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, at Crowne Hotel in Downtown, Port Moresby.

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