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Southern Taekwondo Championship is on!

The Southern Taekwondo Championship Tournament will commence at Taurama Aquatic Centre (TAC) this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and also in preparation for the National Champs in March.

The tournament will see some new up-coming talents as well as old faces competing like Rose Tona who have represented PNG in this code on different events both on national and international arenas.

When asked why staging this competition, the Tournament Director for this up- coming Southern Region Taekwondo Championships Cratcee Tito explained that it is for colored belts selections.

“This tournament is for colored belts selections for any events that’s coming up in Australia or any other competitions, and people fighting should be yellow belts up- wards”, said the Tournament Director Cratcee. Colored belts ranges from white to yellow, green, blue, brown, red and black. Meanwhile, those who will be competing are mostly junior fighters with a few seniors.

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