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Southern Region Kickboxing Championship was a success

The Southern Region Kickboxing Championship held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium on the 8 th of June, 2023, was a success.

Around one hundred (100) fighters have participated in the one-day tournament.

Hundreds of avid kickboxing fans living in Port Moresby have turned up to throw their support

behind the fighters.

The President of PNG Kickboxing Federation, Stanley Nandex was happy about the tournament.

“I am very impressed. The outcome was satisfactory. We started a little bit late, but the end result

was good,” President Nandex said.

He further stated that there needs to be consistent support from the Government and business

houses to help develop the code in the country.

“It was amazing to see a lot of talents. I have never seen some of these fighters. There is so much

potential out there. It is just a matter of getting funding and support to develop and promote similar programs all around the country to produce quality fighters,” Nandex added.

Twelve (12) best fighters will be selected to take part in the upcoming European Championship later this year.

The tournament will be hosted again next year.

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