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Soma's Sisters to Represent Team PNG in Boxing and Taekwondo

Sisters-Laizani Perry Soma and Enila Imelda Soma will be representing Team PNG in Boxing and Taekwondo, respectively, in the Pacific Games. They will be taking the ring at the Aquatics Center (Taekwondo) and Friendship Hall (Boxing) on Monday, November 30th, 2023.

The sisters are part of the second Team PNG contingent that is leaving for the Solomon Islands on Saturday, 25th November.

The sisters find strength and support from each other as they departed and being away from their families, especially their children, is a tough call for the young mothers. Enila has a daughter while her sister Laizani has a son, both of whom are a year and a half old.

Despite that, they have each other and expressed that is more than enough for them.

"Having her here on the team is a blessing because as sisters, we will be supporting each other, and we won't be worrying about our babies back home. We know our family will take good care of them," said the older sister, Laizani Perry Soma.

"It feels amazing having my blood sister on Team PNG. There's no need to miss family back home because we will be there for each other and get support from each other," added Laizani.

Laizani Perry is a 27-year-old senior female boxer who has a good number of fight records under her name. She will also be going for her second Pacific Games appearance. She will be competing in the women's 63Kg division.

Meanwhile, her younger sister, 24-year-old Enila Imelda, will be going for her first Pacific Games, competing in Taekwondo in the women's 73+Kg weight division.

"This will be my first time. Also, having my sister on the team feels like a new thing in my life. A new experience that my sister and I will experience together," said Enila Imelda.

"I just want to thank my family, friends, and my coach for the help and support they have given me. A big thank you to my husband, Steven Tommy," she added.

Enila also stated that as it is her first Pacific Games, she is not going to make any promises but is hopeful that she will bring something back for PNG.

The sisters will be representing Team PNG, but deep down, they know that they carry the pride and hard work of their local clubs, namely, "Kamapim Boxing Meri" (Laizani) and Karanas MMA Club with Stone Taekwondo Club (Enila).

Moreover they will be carrying the name of the mixed martial artist who was the source of their inspiration and the person they look up to in pursuing their martial arts careers in Boxing and Taekwondo, who is none other than their father, Sokoli Bina Soma.

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