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SNPS Atoms defeat SBPP in the 'Battle of the Schools Competition'

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Pictured: SNPS Atoms after their victory over SBPP Eagles at UPNG Basketball Court

In a Battle of the Schools Competition game held on Sunday, 10th September, at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) Basketball Court in Port Moresby, two of the biggest schools of UPNG, the School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS Atoms) and the School of Business and Public Policy (SBPP Eagles) faced each other in a basketball contest. The SNPS Atoms defeated the SBPP Eagles 56-44.

During this main game, SNPS showcased a dominant performance in the opening quarter. With momentum on their side, they took advantage of it and maintained their pace to win the game.

It was a fair contest as SBPP tried to equalize the scores in each quarter. They displayed strong

the determination against SNPS Atoms, performing well in both attack and defense.

However, the Atoms made use of almost every goal-shooting opportunity. They have also capitalized on the Eagles' errors, scoring crucial points that led to their win.

SNPS Atoms Captain Nimrod Wereh said most players did not turn up for the match. Regardless, they had to get some girls in to assist.

According to Captain Wereh, they are progressing well and slowly building up nicely to the finals.

“We are 5th on the Ladder. We won this match so we will be elevated to the third position,” he said.

“We are in Round 6 and the second game in our round robin. Moving forward, we will play the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), School of Law (SOL), and the IBS University,” Captain Wereh said.

These three remaining games for the regular season will determine whether or not the Atoms qualify for the finals, which will be held next week.

With the fierce competition and a grand prize on the line, the SNPS Atoms are determined to win. Taking advantage of some skillful players on their side, they seemed not to doubt facing any encounter.

The competition promotes unity and gender equality, so the Atoms are students from the Highlands and the Coastal areas from various courses in SNPS.

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