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Seagulls soar in Hockey Grand Final

A Hockey 5s team from Erima Community in Port Moresby, the Seagulls B-Grade, displayed an outstanding performance at the Sir John Guise Hockey Pavilion on Saturday, 28th October, to earn a sweet victory over Wanderers.

Leaving their opponents struggling to keep up, the Seagulls showcased their strength and ultimately secured a comprehensive win with a remarkable scoreline of 5-0 to claim the 2023 Port Moresby Hockey Association (PMHA) B-Grade Championship.

The Seagulls, composed of a mixture of new and experienced players, proved to be a force to be reckoned with right from the start. With seasoned players like Vergil Maguna, William Karo, and duo siblings Reggly and Benard Tommy leading the team, their skills and expertise shone through, guiding the newer members and contributing to the team's overall success.

From the opening whistle, the Seagulls dominated the game, putting immense pressure on the Wanderers' defense to create numerous scoring opportunities that eventually earned themselves three unanswered goals in the 2nd, 6th and 7th minutes, leaving their opponents scrambling to keep up. The match was in favor of the Seagulls, 3-0 score at halftime.

As the game progressed in the second half, the Seagulls maintained their momentum. Their teamwork remained unwavering, ensuring that their lead continued to grow as they shot in another two goals in the 15th and 17th minutes.

According to the club’s Matron and coach, Mrs. Eva Ilumpui, the boys have no proper venues to train but they were able to practice the basic hockey techniques, like passing, receiving passes and shooting, to name a few, on the street.

“How the boys performed in the field was impressive and I am so proud of them,” Mrs. Ilumpui said.

“They used to play street hockey where they hit the ‘circle-cut slippers hockey’ with sticks.”

She said their interest kicked in when they saw their standard hockey ball and the stick where she and her husband had it in their hand while walking down the street.

“When they saw us down the street, they asked if they could feel the ball and the stick. When they did that, their interest began.”

With the help of Eva and her husband in providing the Hockey Club, they have created an opportunity for the youths to join the club and play hockey.

She also said that getting the youths involved in such activities helps them in small ways. She appreciated the Digicel Company for its sponsorship, which helped them throughout the season.

The Seagulls' remarkable performance against the Wanderers at the Sir John Guise Stadium resulted in a comprehensive 5-0 victory. With a mixture of new and experienced players, the Seagulls showcased their strength, skill, and determination throughout the match, setting a new record in the PMHA.

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