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POM Schools Football Association revives competition

Port Moresby Schools Football Association (POMSFA) revived its competition after COVID-19

discontinued it in 2018. The competition was kicked off on Saturday, May 20th, at Sir John Guise


“Currently, we are running our preseason games for POMSFA after four years in idle because of

COVID-19. We are trying to revive the code," said Interim Vice President Julius Magei.

In light of the event, The attendance was poor as not all POM- based schools showed up to the

preseason games.

The competition covered all age groups. However, Only a few attended the event and had

played games according to their group: Under-6, under-10, Under-12, Under-14, Under-16, and


Those schools that did not show up at the preseason will participate in the regular season next

Saturday, 27th May.

"Not all schools participated today, but they said they would be present next week", said Mr.


Schools that did not show for the preseason were Malolo International, Salvation Army Primary

School, Port Moresby International, Lahara Avenue, Living Light Academy, Gordons Secondary,

and St. Therese Primary.

Furthermore, Mr. Magei said they wanted to extend the competition to other public and private

schools to ensure that more students had access to the competition.

The 12-week competition is designed to get students together to showcase their knowledge and

skills learned in their respective schools.

The competition will end in June or July, where there will be exciting prizes for the winners.

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