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POM Netball Season Starting Off with Trials

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

POM Netball Association is back on the court and is now into their 2nd trial with the final trial to follow next weekend at Rita Flynn Court, Port Moresby.

In an interview with Sports Tok Magazine, the POM Netball Association President Linda Ligo said that the trials are to see the interest of each participating teams inclusive of both old and new teams, so they can put them into their proper competing divisions.

“We are trying to get back into our season now. We had our first trial last week and this is our second one. The trials are basically to see the strengths of the interested teams and then we’ll put them into their respective divisions which they are to play,” President Linda Ligo told Sports Tok Magazine during the interview.

The divisions that the teams compete ranges from junior divisions from ‘U10s all the way to U21s’. While the senior divisions consist of premier divisions which is the highest standard of netball and is where PNG Pepes are. According to Ligo it is a very competitive division.

More so, the teams will go for a break after the final trial next weekend for the clubs to get themselves prepared for the proper season competition after Easter.

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