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PNGSF signs MoU with Education Department

The Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) has signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Education on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Boardroom in Port Moresby.


This MoU signing between the PNGSF and Department of Education aims at strengthening their relationship, as they endeavor to not only educate the students but ground them with strong values and principles, helping them to become good sports men and women, let alone law-abiding citizens.


PNGSF CEO, Albert Veratau and Education Department Secretary, Dr. Uke Kombra, were present to sign the MoU. The staff of the two organizations and media personnel also gathered to witness the small but significant ceremony.


Under the MoU, both organizations will collaborate to promote and support Physical Education (PE) in all schools right across the country. Interestingly, Physical Education will complement the ‘Go Rural to Go Global’ strategy to develop sports nursery skills in every school – both in the urban and rural centres.


The MoU also entails leadership training programs for secondary schools to upskill and equip the coaches, technical officials and administrators.


Mr. Veratau shared a few remarks and thanked the Department of Education, through Dr. Kombra, for coming onboard to sign the MoU.


“Sports and education have been a key conversation for the last two and a half years since I’ve been the CEO of Sports Foundation, so I’m really pleased and glad that Secretary Kombra has agreed to sign this MoU,” Veratau said.


“Sports and education must go hand-in-hand. Sports must be a joint or a caveat in the education system, because it plays an important role by giving second chances to those who cannot excel in their studies.”


Dr. Kombra was delighted to sign the MoU with PNGSF and looks forward to working in partnership to drive this important MoU.


“It gives me great pleasure to be here to sign this MoU to partner with the PNG Sports Foundation to promote excellence in sports in schools under the National Education System,” Dr. Kombra stated.


“I am excited because of the immense potential this arrangement can lead to for Papua New Guineans both in-country and overseas. However, we need to start early, thus, the signing of this MoU today.”


Meanwhile, it’s a one-year MoU. If it’s implemented and rolled out successfully in the coming months, the MoU could be extended to another one or two years.

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