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PNGSF holds Junior Basketball Camp

Updated: Apr 29

The Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF), through the ‘Go Rural to Go Global’ Strategy, has facilitated its first session for the Junior Basketball Camp (both boys & girls) on Saturday, February 10th, at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium.


The first session saw the U9-U15 aspiring basketball talents in the city turn up in huge numbers to take part in the youth program. They focused more on the movements and passing skills in the first session.


Next week Saturday, February 17th, they will practice shooting and defensive stands. Basketball is a technical sport so they will focus more on the fundamentals or basics first.


And the following Saturday, February 24th, they will play some fun games or scrimmages in their respective age categories.


Initially, the Junior Basketball Camp was planned to be held for three weekends, but seeing the interest and passion shown by the kids, the facilitators decided to hold the training drills every Saturday until the year ends.


Lawrence Lahari, who is one of the senior coaches for the program, said he was pleased to see a big number of kids turning up on the first day of the Youth Basketball Camp.


“If we got 20, we would be happy. I didn’t want to overthink that we would get too many, but there’s nothing like seeing the whole basketball court packed with kids. I’m really happy with the first Saturday turnout,” he said.


“And we know that if we do it right the first time, we would get more kids coming. Today (Saturday, February 10th), we only did two skills – movements and passing. We’ve only given them the appetizer to prepare them for the next session.”


Mr. Lahari added that he and his team planned to help the kids master the basics and mentor them to develop some new skills at the end of the year.


“We want to ensure, as per the ‘Go Rural to Go Global’, is to teach the basic fundamentals from U9-U15. By the end of the year, if we have 5, 000 kids who know the basic fundamentals, we’ve done our job,” he said.

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