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PNGSF CEO calls for unity

The Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) has run a one-week consultative workshop for the National Federations from June 17-21, 2024, at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium in Port Moresby. 


The workshop was initiated and facilitated by the PNGSF staff, under the leadership of the newly appointed Executive Director, Micha James.


CEO James, through PNGSF, purposely held the seminar to gauge the views of the national federations and hear the challenges they face to run their programs in the country.


The discussions from the consultative meeting will be formulated into an annual work plan to deliver sporting programs in 2025 and beyond.


For far too long, the national federations have been working in isolation, with limited support to execute their programs.


Mr. James has emphasized to everyone involved in the sports industry in the country to leave their differences aside and work together to develop sports and take it to greater heights.


CEO James has urged the national federations to furnish their annual work plan for funding support in meeting the day-to-day expenses and implement their programs effectively.


The eventful one-week consultative workshop has ended on a high note, which saw Mr. James reconciled with the federations and vowed to work in partnership and collaborate with everyone to develop and grow the sporting industry in PNG.

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