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PNGOC, Jack’s of PNG launch 2023 Pacific Games Supporting Merchandise

The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC), in collaboration with Jack’s of PNG, have officially launched the “Supporting Merchandise” for the 2023 Pacific Games in support of Team PNG at Jack’s of PNG Waigani Central retail outlet on Wednesday, October 25.

It was a small but significant event in commemoration of the theme: Challenge, Celebrate and Unite. This theme defines and represents the PNG athletes for the 2023 Pacific Games.

PNGOC is in partnership with Jack’s of PNG to print and sell the supporting merchandise for the athletes and supporters. The funds raised will go towards supporting the PNG athletes in meeting their expenses during the Pacific Games.

By purchasing the supporting merchandise and wearing it will help spread awareness and support Team PNG. It also fosters a sense of pride and unity among the supporters of the National Team (PNG).

A contingent of around 400 PNG athletes, including officials and team management will be traveling to the Solomon Islands in a couple of weeks’ time. We have almost 30 days to go before the Pacific Games officially kicks off on November 19 in Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands.

The City Pharmacy Limited (CPL) General Manager of People and Culture and In-Country Director for Jack’s of PNG, Catherine Tawali, shared a few remarks, stating that CPL and Jack’s of PNG were happy to come on board to support PNGOC in printing and selling the supporting merchandise.

“I am pleased to speak to you all today about the official supporting merchandise that has been designed to show support for the upcoming Pacific Games to be held in the Solomon Islands. The 2023 Pacific Games stand as a testament to the values of solidarity and sportsmanship. The official supporting merchandise plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of this extraordinary event.

“The partnership between PNGOC and us Jack’s show the powerful example of how sports can bring people together for a common cause. This symbolizes of a nation’s support for its athletes and a celebration of unity that sports can inspire.

“When we purchased the official supporting merchandise, we sent forth a message of support not just to our athletes but to the profound teams that underpin this event. It is important to purchase this official supporting merchandise because every purchase made sends a strong message of support to the teams that are competing for our beloved PNG. We become walking billboards, spreading the word about the event and generating awareness.

“This not only encourages attendance, but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among supporters. We show our unwavering support – our athletes draw strength and motivation from the knowledge that they have a passionate and dedicated fan-base behind them. We become part of a larger community of supporters. It connects us with fellow supporters.

“When you purchase the supporting merchandise, your contribution is reinvested to the growth and development of sports infrastructure and the success of our sporting events.

“In summary, the Pacific Games symbolize the resilience of the Pacific community and the supporting merchandise is our means to participate in this remarkable journey. Hence, we encourage each one of you to seize this opportunity,” Mrs. Catherine Tawali remarked.

Chairman for Marketing & Revenue and Board Member of PNGOC, Michael Henao thanked Jack’s of PNG for the partnership and shared similar sentiments, touching on the importance of buying the Supporting Merchandise.

“On behalf of Team PNG and PNGOC, I would like to say thank you to our friend Jack’s of PNG. We all know that PNG as a country is just like a bilum. Every single string is unique and individually, it’s strong, but when all of those strings are woven together, they become so much stronger. Those strings coming all the way from Awaba, Arawa, Balimo or Busu, all of those strings combine make PNG so strong.

“One other thing that Papua New Guineans love is dressing up in uniform. In less than 30 days, our Chef De Mission, Zina Lalo will be leading our contingent of over 400 plus PNG athletes to the Solomon Islands. This is another fantastic opportunity for all PNGeans to get behind team PNG to walk out in the Opening Ceremony with us right here back at home. You don’t even have to be in

Honiara to do that.

“So, we encourage every single one of you to visit Jack’s of PNG outlets and purchase the supporting merchandise and get right behind team PNG. We will be proudly flying the bird of paradise on behalf of all of you.

“Today’s announcement is another example of a strong partnership we have with Jack’s of PNG. It’s an important relationship that we have. We need to have this kind of partnership with all of our corporate organizations in order to enable every single young boy and girl right throughout the country to dream and make it to team PNG one day and being able to live that dream, proudly representing our country.

“Our country is unlike any other country in the world. Unity is very important for us because of the diversity. It’s the diversity that makes us strong. But together in the same uniform, in the same bilas, all of us can be standing proud and strong as representatives of PNG.

“Once again, we would like to sincerely thank our friend Jack’s of PNG for ensuring this unique bilas that we will purchase at any of our outlets all across the country that is accessible to all our people, just like team PNG,” Mr. Henao emphasized.

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