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PNGNRLC introduces new format for Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup

The Board and Management of Papua New Guinea National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC) have announced today that the twelve (12) participating teams in the Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup will be using a newly introduced format/draw. The 12 teams have been categorized into Pools A

The Pool A Teams are as follows:

1. Lae Snax Tigers

2. PRK Mendi Muruks

3. WNBPG Kimbe Cutters

4. Bintangor Goroka Lahanis

5. Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles

6. EPG Enga Mioks

Pool B Teams are:

1. Gulf Isou

2. Gas Resource Central Dabaris

3. Moni Plus NCD POM Vipers

4. EMK Sepik Pride

5. Agmark Rabaul Gurias

6. Kroton Hela Wigmen

The Board & Management of PNGNRLC have sat down with the 12 franchise owners, sponsors and stakeholders and deliberated on introducing the new format last week, and everyone has agreed unanimously. The reason of introducing the new format is because, in the opening three rounds of the competition this year, some games have been canceled due to flight disruptions, amongst other reasons.

The Board Director of PNGNRLC, Lorna McPherson, said because they were facing some issues in the first three rounds, they are introducing this new format to continue the competition.

“We are here as a team to see the competition continue without any disruption. So far, the games

have been amazing. You can see the difference in the game, the quality of the players and how the game is progressing. We are having some challenges, but it is about being transparent and work as a team to ensure that the competition runs smoothly and ends successfully.”

The new format/draw will be used in round 4, which is this coming weekend. The same format will be used until the regular season ends. The results of the three opening rounds will be carried into the new draw. The new format will not affect the flow of the game.

The General Manager of PNGNRLC, Leith Isaac said: “The experiences we have gone through in the first three rounds has prompted us to make adjustment on our draws. We decided to be more

proactive because of continuous flight disruptions to move the teams around the country. That is

why we have decided to pool the 12 teams into two pools to allow the game to run smoothy and


Obviously, with the new format, there will be slight changes. The 12 teams will compete for only

thirteen (13) rounds. Some teams will play against each other more than twice. For instance: The

Moni Plus NCD POM Vipers will play against the Kroton Hela Wigmen three times. The same applies to few other teams in their respective pools. All in all, it will be business as usual but with a new format.

The 12 teams are prepared and looking forward to adapting to the new format. There will be

challenges, but they are optimistic to compete hard and complete the 2023 Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup Competition on a high and positive note.

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