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PNGNRLC hands down findings from Round 4 match in Minj

Photo Credit: Central Dabaris fb Page

The Papua New Guinea National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC) has admitted that the referee, Bonny Bin, in the match on Saturday was incorrect in changing his decision late in the match between Wamp Nga Mt. Hagen Eagles and Gas Resources Central Dabaris in Minj. 

The referee originally sent Eagles captain, Levai Andrew, into the sin bin for swearing at him. Andrew refused to leave the field. After almost a two-minute delay the referee decided to place the player on report and continue the game with Andrew remaining on the field. The match ended in an 18-all draw. 

Mr Tony Archer, General Manager of Pathways and Performance, admitted the mistake today. ‘As with all matches in the competition, we conduct a full review of the game. It is disappointing that this incident occurred in the match. The actions of the referee, the player, and some officials involved were not what is expected in the game. Respecting the decision of a match referee and the correct application of the rules of the game from a referee are essential. We are driving hard in improving the professionalism of our game and to have this incident occur is unfortunate and not to the standards we require.” 

The PNGNRLC has taken immediate actions and have stood down the referee down from officiating in Round 5 of Digicel ExxonMobil Cup competition. Also, Levai Andrew is facing up to ten weeks on the sideline after being charged with two separate Grade 3 contrary conduct charges from the Match Review Committee.  

Archer added, “I know how hard the Digicel ExxonMobil Cup match officials’ squad are working and from what I have seen in the first four rounds, their performances are getting better each week. They also know they need to be accountable and responsible for their own performances. Despite being dropped I have every confidence that Bonny will go back, work hard, and force his way back.” 

Further investigations into the actions of the club, their officials and game day staff are continuing. 

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