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PNGDF Teams received sponsorship from Welgris Energy

Three Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) teams participating in the 2023 PNGDF Commander Cup were excited to receive a timely sponsorship from the Welgris Company Manager on the 6th of July at the HMPNGS Basilisk, Waterfront in Port Moresby.

The three teams - HMPNGS Basilisk Marlins, HMPNGS Tarangau Sharks, and ATW Eagles have received sporting jerseys and other accessories from the Welgris Company, Manager David Sarowa, as equipment to gear up for the competition.

The Commander’s Cup competition is scheduled to run from 12th-20th July, 2023 and will be held in Lae. The teams will leave Port Moresby for Lae anytime this month.

The COs of each team unit expressed gratitude upon receiving the gifts from Mr. Sarowa, in the order of LCDR Roy Dromenge, Major Richard Elizah (CO NCD ATW) and Leut. Lourie Elizah (CO Lombrum Rep), and Francis Agwi (CO Patrol Boat).

Furthermore, the sponsorship was to show close engagement between the PNGDF, through the Nobel Unit, and the Welgris Energy Company.

“This is one of the greatest opportunities and is historical for Welgris Energy,” Mr. Sarowa said.

Apart from sponsoring the sporting wears, Mr. David Sarowa also presented bibles to the teams.

“Because of God’s goodness in my life, I also present these Bibles to you,” he said.

“We pray that God will help and give you the strength and energy to protect our country,” he added.

The event started off with a small church service and was witnessed by the three PNGDF teams and respective Chief Officers, Welgris Company Staff, and all the media personnel.

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