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PNG’s Premiere Rugby League Competition Announces New Leadership

The PNG NRLC announced that the appointment of Mr. Leith Isaac as General Manager

and Mr. Paul Joseph as Competitions Manager. The term of the appointment is for a period

of two years.

The nation’s premier rugby league competition in 2023, is seeing the adoption of a new

structure with the aim to create and improve the standard of the competition and its delivery.

PNG NRLC Director, Lorna McPherson said in announcing the two new appointments, “We

are fortunate to have such experienced and qualified personnel leading the competition as

we go into the 2023 Season. As the team continues to be assembled and with a new

strategic approach, we are optimistic about the impact of having the right human resource to

drive the vision.”

Mr. Isaac has over 10 year’s work experience both in the public and private sector, including

the international development space. He joins us with experience in the sporting space as

well, having worked with Team PNG in the 2015 Pacific Games.

Joseph who joins as the newly appointed Competitions Manager, brings experience from an

extensive background as a well respected figure in the sport of rugby union, from being a

player to coaching and being an administrator of the sport.

Former Competitions Manager and CEO of the PNGRFL, Stanley Hondina spoke on the

alignment of the PNG NRLC to the greater plans and vision for rugby league going forward,

“We here at the PNGRFL always want to be the best in the sporting space and for us to

realize that we only need good people around the organization. I congratulate these two

gentlemen and welcome them to the PNG NRLC which is an important tier in the whole of

the games PNGRFL six (6) tier structure.

It will be new and exciting as well as challenging for him but PNGRFL is committed to

assisting wherever needed and possible.

They bring in a new set of experience and dynamics to the organization and we look forward

to working with them going forward.”

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