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PNG's first Skateboarding space opens at Taurama

Skateboard PNG, an organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth through skateboarding, has officially opened PNG's first skate space at Rabesi Beach, Madaii on the western side of Taurama Point in Taurama Village, South Side. The event took place last weekend on Saturday, November 25th, 2023.

The opening of the new skate space is a significant milestone for Skateboard PNG and the Pyramid Point Riders Club of Surfing PNG Association. Skateboard PNG has been working in partnership with the Pyramid Point Surf Club to create this space. Victoria Hudson (Tori), founder of Skateboard PNG and a former music teacher at Port Moresby International School (POMIS), played a crucial role in bringing this new sport to PNG.

To celebrate the new skate space, Skateboard PNG proudly unveiled a new concrete mini ramp, an upgrade from the original ramp. The first ramp, built in 2015 by Matt, Bill, and the McLaughlan family, deteriorated over the years due to weather conditions.

The event attracted local youths, children, and adults who gathered at the ramp for a fun-filled open day at the beachside. The event was attended by members of the Surfing PNG Association club, including President and Co-founder Andrew Abel, as well as businesswoman Sylvia Pascoe. There was also a local band, market stalls and a St. John's Ambulance booth.

Regarding the Skateboard project, Tori, a 36-year-old Australian and passionate skater, expressed gratitude for the Canadian funds for local initiatives that were used to build the ramp.

"Part of this project was installing the ramp with concrete, which will last for a long time," said Tori.

"Thanks to the Canadian Funds for Local Initiatives, they provided us with the grant for this whole project. The small park or skate area that we have now is a result of their support," added Tori.

In addition to the ramp, an outdoor toilet, a change room and shower facility was built to complement the new skate space, providing basic amenities for this groundbreaking event for Skateboard PNG.

Tori also extended her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project, including those involved in construction, international volunteer skateboarders, skateboarding coaches, local youth instructors, and Pamela Solien, whose private property houses the Skateboard space.

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