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PNG Pepes name Final Squad for Pacific Games

Updated: Apr 30

The Papua New Guinea National Netball Team, PNG Pepes has announced a formidable 17-member squad on the 14th of September for the upcoming Pacific Games later this year.

After the intense trials for the selection on 2nd September, seventeen out of twenty-four participants were selected. Out of those selected, ten new members have been included in the squad.

The selection also named a new head coach and assistant coach, along with ten new members when compared to the team that went to the third Pacific Netball Series in Gold Coast earlier this year.

The team is made up of both youth and experienced players from Port Moresby and Brisbane Camps.

The new squad and their respective positions:

Shooters - Goloa Ovoa, Allessandra Smith Ani, Tiata Baldwin, Rowyna Vele.

Mid-court- Micheala Kadlecek, Yves Chee, Tia Molo, Jacklyn Lahari, Milly Chee, Maddison Sivyer.

Defenders - Hana Baretto, Shannaz Apelis, Lesieli Taviri, Jayden Molo, Jeperth Tulapi, Natalie Onno.

The Pepes are ranked 16th in the World Netball ranking. The final squad will also participate in the Singapore Netball Tournament in October, where they will face tough competitors from other netball powerhouses in preparation for the upcoming Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands from November 19th to December 2nd.

Photo Credit: Netball PNG

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