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PNG Olympic Committee: ‘All must adhere to Justification Committee’s benchmark’

Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee urges all sports participating in the upcoming Pacific Games in November to observe the Justification Committee’s benchmark requirements.

In its focus on ensuring that Team PNG represents the best of the country’s athletes and aligns with the high standards set for international competition, PNG OC advised that all athletes and teams are to complete their requirements by Wednesday, September 6th.

According to the Olympic Committee, all athletes and teams must observe the requirements even though many have already received provisional endorsements, undergoing training, attending national championships, and participating in international events.

More so, all athletes, officials, coaches, and team managers are reminded to complete three obligatory online courses this month on Anti-Doping, Athlete Safeguarding, and the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competition.

Additionally, coaches and team managers yet to be certified under the Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) must fulfill pre-course requirements before attending the Development Coach, Strength and Conditioning, and Team Manager Courses in early September.

These courses are compulsory. Athletes and officials who don't complete these requirements cannot participate in the games,” said PNG OC Secretary General Auvita Rapilla, emphasizing the significance of these prerequisites.

Meanwhile, in a recent update from the PNG OC Justification Committee, the sports of Judo, Sailing, and Rugby League 9s were excluded from Team PNG and will not be participating in the 2023 Solomon Islands Pacific Games for failing to meet the required benchmark and justification deadlines and criteria.

Rugby League 9s was the only sport that appealed the decision to the PNG Sports Dispute Tribunal, which ultimately upheld the decision of the Justification Committee.

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