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PNG Hekari United to Face New Caledonia AS Academy Feminine

Hekari United FC Women’s team will be facing the New Caledonia AS Academy Feminine on its home ground at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, on June 1st for the second match challenge of the 2023 OFC Women’s Champions League fixture.

The Hekari’s captain have expressed that they are under pressure but will remain focused and determined to win the cup in their homeland.

“I feel like the pressure is already on us, but we will play as a team and stick to our game plans and stay focused when we play our first game”, says Hekari Team Captain Marie Kaipu.

The captain added that as a team, they are happy and positive to play the first OFC game against New Caledonia.

They aim to win the match and set the standard for everyone.

“As the current representative in the national team, it is on us to set the standard for the rest to follow”.

“We have a great coach that took us through every training session and we enjoyed it while learning a lot”, said Captain Kaipu.

More so, she said that the training sessions have given them the determination and confidence to face the challenge.

Meanwhile, New Caledonia’s team, the AS Academy Feminine has expressed similar interests and determination to face the Hekari.

“We are going to do our best because we know we are going to play against the host team who have the advantage of the home ground. I think the stadium will be filled with PNG people cheering for their team. Also, Hekari is a tough team but we are looking forward to playing against them; so, we have to prepare more mentally than physically. We will do our best to perform”, says Edsy Matao, the team Captain of New Caledonia AS Academy Feminine.

“We know that Hekari is a very good team as well as Fiji. We have to watch out for these two”, she added.

Hekari will take on other challenges as scheduled: During Match 4 on June 3, Hekari will take on Samoa Kiwi FC at 5pm

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