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PMSA nears season proper

Updated: Apr 27

The Port Moresby Soccer Association (PMSA) held its fourth weekend of the 2024 pre-season competition on Sunday, March 10th, at Bisini Park. PMSA has two more weekends remaining before the season proper starts on April 6th.


A total of 39 teams (32 men’s and 7 women’s) are competing in the pre-season competition. However, some clubs didn’t take part in the pre-season. The number of teams participating in the pre-season could increase in the season proper.


The pre-season competition consists of lower divisions and premier divisions in each pool. Men’s pool has four divisions and the women's pool has one division.


After the pre-season’s round-robin games, top four teams in each division (both men’s & women’s) will be selected to compete in the playoffs.


PMSA competition coordinator, Peter Matthew, said he was happy with the progress of the pre-season competition and looked forward to ending it in two weeks’ time.


“This is the fourth week of our pre-season competition. We actually got two more weekends before the pre-season tournament winds down,” Matthew said.


“I am excited to see the talents on display. We look forward to ending the pre-season competition on a good note and welcome the season proper on April 6th.”


Meanwhile, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to appoint the President of Port Moresby Soccer Association will coincide with the resumption of the 2024 season proper on April 6th, 2024.

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