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PMRL successfully ended Round 1

Port Moresby Rugby League (PMRL) successfully completed Round one (1) of its competition over the past five weeks which ended on Sunday 14th which was played at Oval 2 of Santos National Football Stadium (NFS). The two games played were A-Grades BIGE Gulf West against Defence and Kone Tigers versus the RC PAGA Panthers.

The Gulf West defeated Defence 28 points to 4 and the Kone Tigers defeated the RC PAGA Panthers 14 points to 10.

The women’s draw saw PAGA Panthers defeat Kone Tigers 20 points to 4 and in the Under 20s, Defence won against Gulf West 6 points to 4.

Based on the score margins, the teams have shown competitiveness in the last four weeks.

“The games are okay. The score margins are narrow based on our statistics, which indicates that the games are very competitive”, said Maino.

Consisting of two (2) rounds, PMRL will enter Round 2 after Game 11 is completed.

The last game of the second round is scheduled in August. The grand final will be held in September.

“The competition is made up of two rounds. Each round has 11 games. Hopefully, we will end the last game of the second round in August,” said Meke Maino, Competition Manager and League Administrator.

“Because we have 12 clubs, the finals will be the top 6, which will run for about 3 weeks. By the second week of September, we should see the grand final”, added Mr. Maino.

Also, there are three divisions per club which means more games are played each weekend.

PMRL is a Tier 1 competition and wants all clubs to have their women's division but two clubs do not have one.

“Because we are in Tier 1 competition, we expect all clubs to have women's divisions. Unfortunately, Defence and Magani don’t have a women’s division”, Maino said.

“Each weekend we have 18 games to run. One club has three divisions; Men’s A Grade U20 and Women's,” said Maino.

PMRL looks forward to its upcoming weekend games and is progressing well with its operations.

“We are doing well with our operations. Every year with the help of our regular and major sponsor SP Brewery, we always end our competition with prize money and trophies”, he said.

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