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Para-Athletes ready for Pacific Games

In preparation for the upcoming prestigious event, ten para-athletes have undergone painstaking training sessions for over twelve months and are now fully prepared for the Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

With only a few days remaining, they are now working on the final touches to fine-tune themselves for the tournament. The para-athletes are confident that they are equiped and ready as their training session is winding down.

Eight para-athletes are based in Port Moresby and two are in Lae. Paul Banister is coaching the eight in Port Moresby, while Alfred Tei is mentoring the other two in Lae.

The ten para-athletes will participate in various track and field events ranging from running, throwing, shot put, discus, javelin, etcetera. Most of the para-athletes will partake in throwing.

Assisting coach and athlete, Lakona Gereka, who steps in to assist when head coach Paul Banister was busy, takes the team through the training drills and sessions.

Gereka used to assist Banister to train the team. He said he was an athlete and had the heart and passion to assist the para-athletes.

"Their (para-athletes) attendance and preparation have been good. We are all looking forward to the Pacific Games,” Gereka said.

Meanwhile, a couple of para-athletes have traveled to the Solomon Islands two weeks ago to get their International Classification (IC).

The International Classification (IC) is intended to guarantee a fair participation and competition, especially for the para-athletes. During the assessment, they are being assessed and allocated a sport class in accordance with the degree and nature of their eligible impairments.

Those who had their IC will be competing in the Pacific Games, especially in the para-athletic category.

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