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Papua New Guinea Qualified!

Kumul Petroleum PNG Barramundis qualified for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024 after beating Philippines in a sweet finish on Friday last week in their 5th Match for the East Asia Pacific Qualifier tourney.

PNG Barramundis did a total of 229 runs in their final match leaving Philippines to equalize the target score of 230, the highest runs in the East Asia Qualifier tourney.

Not only that, but they have been very active in executing their batting techniques and bowling masterfully, getting more 6s and runs wherever they can.

It has been a beautiful game for the Barras fans which were mostly the locals because they have been unbeatable since the beginning, a win each match all throughout.

Barras Captain Assadollah Vala is extremely pleased with his team’s performances all throughout the week saying that it’s because of their hard work and commitment that have now qualified them for their second World Cup.

“Great feeling to be qualified again for the World Cup. I am proud of how the boys have played all throughout the week. We worked really hard to get to where we are”, said Captain Vala.

Meanwhile, commenting on his team’s performances was Philippines’ Captain Daniel Christopher Evan Smith

“The first half of the game didn’t really go our way but it’s amazing how it goes and I am very proud of how our boys went out there and batted with freedom. It’s probably the best performances that will stay with my boys for some time,” said Philippines Captain Daniel C. E. Smith.

“We are very well aware that this is a world class team we are playing against and we are very proud to see them go through to the World Cup and we certainly be supporting them,” added Captain Smith.

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