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Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee Announces Leadership Transition

The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC) expresses both gratitude and anticipation as it announces a significant transition within its leadership. After nearly three decades of outstanding service, the esteemed Secretary General, Mrs. Auvita Rapilla, has decided to retire. Mrs. Rapilla's leadership and unwavering commitment has left an indelible mark on the PNGOC, contributing significantly to the advancement of sports in Papua New Guinea and the Olympic Movement. 

Mrs. Auvita Rapilla's tenure including 13 years as Secretary General has been characterized by loyal, distinguished service, astute guidance, and an unwavering dedication to the promotion and development of sports in Papua New Guinea. Her contributions have been integral to the success of the PNGOC, and her legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire those within the sporting community. 

Whilst bidding farewell to Mrs. Rapilla in her current role, the PNGOC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Desmond Kaviagu as the new Secretary General, effective January 2024. Mr. Kaviagu, who has served as Mrs. Rapilla's understudy for the past four years, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. As a modern-day manager and sports administrator, he is well-versed in the intricacies of the three respective games movement and our organization's operations. His appointment follows a stringent and transparent recruitment process conducted by the PNGOC Executive Board with the assistance of Vanguard International, and we are confident in his ability to lead the organization into a new era. 

Additionally, Mrs. Auvita Rapilla, in her capacity as an International Olympic Committee member, will continue her invaluable association with the PNGOC as a Board Member. Her ongoing involvement ensures that her experience and insights will remain a guiding force within the organization. 

This transition signifies both an end and a new beginning for the PNGOC. PNGOC expresses gratitude for Mrs. Rapilla's remarkable tenure, and also look forward with optimism to the leadership and vision that Mr. Kaviagu will bring to the role of Secretary General. 

The PNGOC is confident that, with the continued support and collaboration of National Federations, Sponsors, and Stakeholders, it will reach new heights in promoting and developing sports in Papua New Guinea. 

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