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Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship Returns

Updated: May 24

The Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship is coming back this year to showcase National Women’s teams from Fiji, PNG, Samoa and Tonga. The three-day event will be held from May 24th to June 2nd in Brisbane.

The championship serves as the highest point of women’s rugby in the Oceania Region, providing a thrilling stage for each team to showcase their skills, determination, and passion for the game.

Moreover, it holds significant stakes as the direct qualifier for the 2025 World Cup in England.

The winner of this tournament will also secure one of the two spots available for the Oceania WXV 3 Division. The runner up of the Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship will secure the second spot available for Oceania in WXV 3 Division and will contest the final five (5) spots available from the 2024 WXV2-3 competition for qualification to the 2025 Rugby World Cup.

According to the match fixtures, PNG will meet Samoa in the opening match on Friday, May 24th, then play Fiji in the second week on Wednesday, May 27th, and the final round will be against Tonga on Sunday, June 2nd.

Last year, the Samoans were crowned the champions. PNG has yet to claim the crown since the inception of the tournament in 2016.

Photo: Oceania Rugby

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