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Oceania Hockey recognizes outgoing PNGHF President Kaluwin Potuan's effort

Updated: May 1

In commemorating Papua New Guinea’s 48th Independence anniversary, PNG Hockey Federation (PNGHF) in collaboration with Oceania Hockey, presented an award for life member and also bid farewell to President Kaluwin Potuan at the Hockey Pavilion at Sir John Guise Stadium on Sunday, 17th September.

During the presentation ceremony, Gill Gemming, the Oceania Hockey Continental Development Officer formally inducted Mr. Potuan as a life member of the Oceania Hockey Federation. She also presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and also gave a badge on behalf of the Oceania Hockey Federation to him.

Kaluwin served as the PNGHF President for twenty years and has also been a Vice President of the Oceania Hockey Federation since 2012, completing his service in 2018. Kaluwin was the main person behind the building of the national hockey stadium that Port Moresby has today.

He has also supported Oceania's application to the Australian Government for Sport 4 Development funding which now sees the Hook in 4 Health program operating out of Port Moresby for 2021 and has expanded to other areas in 2022. This project has provided employment for 3 local hockey personnel - Ray Lapun, Lola Ilumpui, and Hussein Lowah.

In recognition of Kaluwin's efforts in building Hockey in PNG and Oceania, Gemming expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the outgoing President’s dedication to hockey in developing Athletes and officials, as well as infrastructure in PNG and the Pacific.

“Kaluwin has not only represented PNG but all of the Pacific Islands really well because he was the Vice Chairman of the Oceania Hockey Federation Board since 2012. He always spoke out for the Pacific Islands and made sure that they were able to develop their athletes and officials as well.

PNG is recognized for producing some of the best umpires and technical officers out of all the Pacific Islands because of him,“ Gemming concluded.

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