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Nimamar LLG gears for Kavieng Provincial Games

Nimamar Local Level Government, in supporting Team Nimamar of Namatanai District in New Ireland Province, presented a set of uniforms to Team Nimamar on Wednesday, 20th September.

This is in preparation for Nimamar LLG towards the Kavieng Provincial Games from October 22nd to the 28th. Presenting the uniforms to the team was President Hon. Stanley Tunut and his Deputy, Sabastian Siadodoh.

Team Nimamar comprises sporting athletes of six different codes, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby touch, rugby 9s, and athletics, which are in training and looking forward to the Provincial Games.

The uniforms included workout T-shirts and official wear for the six codes. When addressing the small crowd during the presentation, NRLLG President Stanley Tunut said it was challenging for leaders to portray the good image of Lihir. This can happen through transparency and accountability amongst government sectors, such as through the Sports Association and its Management team.

"As long as the 'Tunut Siadodoh Government' is in, we will continue to maintain this support towards team Nimamar," said Nimamar Deputy President Sabastian Siadodoh.

Meanwhile, the President of Lihir Ireland Youth and Sports Association, Michael Gote, said the Nimamar team was prepared and looking forward to the provincial games in October.

"Our team is well prepared in all six codes and we are looking forward to competing with all the other LLGs in Namatanai and Kavieng District in October. We want to see our raw athletes put in their best effort and compete at the provincial level,” said Michael Gote.

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