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Netball Association to run Knockouts

Public Servants Netball Association (PSNA) will run their knockouts season this Saturday at Rita Flynn Outdoor Courts.

According to Vice President and President-elect Mary Nauga, the knockout competition will see the top 4 teams to go into the semi-final and grandfinal.

The competition will start off at 10 am with Division 7 (D7) where draws are: Customs 3 vs NBC 2 and National Museum vs NPC.

For D6 and D5 respectively; NMSA vs DCI 2 and PNGSF 2 vs Censorship; F/Affairs 1 vs PMNEC and NJSS 2 vs Works 2.

Respectively, D4 and D3: BPNG 3 vs DPM, Customs 1 vs NICTA and Transport vs ICT, Lands (Bye). Following that is D2; NFA 2 vs BPNG 2 and DCI 1 vs PNG Forest.

In the D1 and premier division: BPNG1 vs Labor, IRC 1 vs IBS POM Gen; Works 1 vs Finance 1, and PNGSF 1 vs NHC 1.

There are total of eight divisions and 32 teams expected to participate in this knockouts competition.

“We are basically made up of female public servants. Our male colleagues are represented through their spouse”, said Mary Lauga.

As a funding to this competition, PSNA has recently received a K30, 000 package of sponsorship from Trophy Haus.

The fund will be used to host the grand final game which is on 30th April and for the presentation Night on 13th May.

It is the biggest achievement for the association since they have been operating through affiliation, player registrations and gate takings.

The competition aims to build network amongst working women from different departments.

The event is also a family gathering since children and parents will be attending the event.

“You get to find out when you come on Saturday”, said Lauga.

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