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NCDC Vipers defeats Central Dabaris

Round twelve of the ExxonMobil Digicel Cup at the Santos National Football stadium kicked off with the NCDC Moni Plus Vipers taking on the Central Dabaris on Sunday, 2nd July. The match ended with the Vipers being victorious with a 24- 10 score on the board.

The opening game of the double header kicked off with slow start as both teams try to score but end up fruitless for the first twenty-five minutes of the game. Then a penalty from the Dabaris, gave way to the vipers to put in a penalty field goal. The game picked up toward the end, with last ten minutes of the first half remaining, veteran Edene Gabbie scores the opening try, putting the score at 8-0. After five minutes the Dabaris hit back as Morris Veata scopes over the left edge to score, Pasting an 8-4 halftime score on the board.

Vipers came swinging in the second half as Stanton Albert scored a try, assisted by the persistent Meku Hasu. Hasu had a great run that afternoon by having a 100% conversion rate as well as countless tackle busts. With the last thirteen minutes on the clock, Joel Gena of the vipers scored back-to-back tries within six minutes, putting the score at 24, 4. With only one minute on the clock, great teamwork from Dabaris Mattew Wauwe and Junior Bobby saw a hat trick try from Junior Bobby. As time caught up, the full time score stood at 24-10.

Joel Gena got the man of the match and was grateful for the win.

“Despite our recent streak of losses, we worked hard and it paid off. I’m glad to have this win. We will work on our ball work and be able to complete sets.” Says Joel.

Next week the Vipers will go head to head with Rabaul Gurias while the Central Dabaris will take on the Gulf Isou at the Santos National football stadium.

Photo credit: Moni Plus NCDC Vipers

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