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NCD Volleyball to launch Pikinini Volleyball

The National Capital District Volleyball Association (NCDVA) is planning to establish an exciting and new development program called 'Pikinini Volleyball’, which is a competition that is open to children, whose ages range from 8-14.

This program will be launched on Saturday, May 20th, 2023 at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Complex Centre as part of the official volleyball season. They will start training on May 27th.

The President of NCDVA, Wally Irau is calling out on parents who have children aged 8-14 and are interested in playing volleyball to come register their children on Saturday.

“Parents with kids, please bring them in on the launching day if you're interested. You are most welcome to witness and see the launching."

"Pikinini Volleyball intends to develop the young ones to get them away from bad influences and bring them into sports. we need to start the kids when they are very young and commit them into sport. Furthermore, by the time they turn 15-years-old, they will know the basics of volleyball, as well as having the experience and confidence," Irau said.

Pikinini volleyball focuses on developing the young athletes' skills and characters. Like all development programs, it aims to develop a roadmap for the kids to stay on track to become skilled athletes and professional volleyball players for the nation.

In addition, by engaging children in active sports at a young age, they can learn how to control their emotions and channel negative feelings into positively. Playing any sport at a young age contributes to skills development and better mental and overall health. Moreover, it encourages children to learn patience and understand that it can take a lot of practice to improve both their physical skills and what they do at school. It is a key component of building balance between school, sports and life.

NCD Volleyball Association Vice President, JNR Graham Numa said:

"We (NCD Volleyball Association) also want to start a development program open to younger generations, rather than just teenagers. We would like to see them come in on Saturdays to join in on the fun and play volleyball. We hope it develops their skills and passion for the sport and also allows us to find young talent. This is all about having fun while developing skills."

Mr. Numa also added that Pikinini Volleyball will serve as a talent pool for the association to identify, discover, expose and develop raw talents. As a result, they will help to maintain children's talent and passion, and also increase their abilities and skills in volleyball.

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