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NCD Volleyball Association gears towards ending First Round

The National Capital District Volleyball Association (NCDVA) ended its round five (5) fixture over the weekend at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Complex Centre. The competition has two more rounds to go before it heads into its Second (2) Round of the season.

The President of NCDVA, Wally Irau said he is happy to see that the competition has run well in the last five weeks without any interruption.

“The competition has progressed well. It is going okay. We will make selections for both men and women teams to represent PNG in volleyball for the upcoming Pacific Games,” said President Wally Irau.

The NCDVA has been divided into Two Rounds: First Round has seven (7) games, while Second Round has seven (7) games as well. A total of fourteen (14) games will be played in the regular rounds. After the 14 rounds ended, the competition will head into play-offs.

Almost thirty (30) teams under nine (9) different established clubs are taking part in the competition. The thirty (30) plus participating teams in the NCDVA are competing hard each week to secure a spot in the finals, come September.

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