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NCD & Central Province Schools hold registration

The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) conducted its registration for the schools in the National Capital District (NCD) and Central Province on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, at Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby.

This program was conducted a few years ago, but it was not run properly. PNGRFL and its Coordinators want to run it in a well-coordinated manner this year and into the future. They want to ramp up the process and run it professionally, proficiently and effectively.


Both students from NCD and Central Province, whose ages range from 13, 15, 17 and 19 years old have been registered to take part in the school competition in 2024. Almost all the schools in NCD and a couple of schools from Central Province have turned up in massive numbers to register themselves on the weekend.

The Southern Region Director, Indy Verata, said they wanted to run the school competition in both NCD and Central Province professionally by collecting data for the students and put them according to their correct age groups or divisions this year. 

“Today’s program (Saturday, February 24th) is actually the NCD and Central schools’ rugby league gala day. The purpose of this program is for the kids to get registered,” he explained. 

“The age categories we are looking at are U19, U17, U15 and U13. That’s currently ongoing right now. We’ve got schools coming as far as the entire NCD and also Central Province.

“Registrations have opened now and it will continue until the 29th of February. That’s the date we anticipate to have all the registrations closed off for the school students before we start the competition in March.”

Verata emphasized the importance of collecting the students’ data, which would make their work easier to run the competition seamlessly with less hiccups, compared to previous years. 

“Previously, it was done in a way where we just got the message out to the school kids and teachers to get the students registered. It was a process done in the past and it was taking time for registration,” he stressed.

“We did not actually collect the correct data for the kids so we decided to change the approach this year by ensuring that registrations are done first, so we get the correct data of players and identify the correct age categories – U19s, U17s, U15s and U13s.

“We can actually start off our program based on the correct data that we have within our system. So, that’s the approach towards registrations.”

Meanwhile, besides the NCD and Central schools, other schools throughout the country have also done their registrations on Saturday, February 24th. The registration date will close on Thursday, February 29th and all school competitions across the country are going to start in March and finish in July, according to the PNGRFL calendar.

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